About GBB

Gia Business Brokers (GBB) - Go with the professionals to create “business opportunities”.

GBB has established itself with a strong commitment to provide business owners with superior service across all industry sectors to assist in preparation and selling their businesses, delivering the desired results in the shortest time.

With our knowledgeable team of experience Brokers and professional quality of service, our customer service focuses on the needs of both the Seller and Buyer and is well placed for growth in the business brokerage industry.

We communicate clearly with both parties in strict confidence, and you are assured that our Brokers have what it takes to assist Sellers and Buyers and ensure that they are protected throughout the whole selling/buying process.

You will not regret giving GBB a chance to “put our money where our mouth is”- we believe that a specialised managing service vastly improves the chances of the sale of your business.

We look forward to assisting Sellers/Buyers in an ethical and consistent way with a high level of professionalism and integrity to facilitate the sale, with the knowledge that both Sellers and Buyers private and confidential information is in good and safe hands. After all, GBB prides itself on specialized focus and delivering results which is what we do.

GBB and its Brokers are registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) with valid Fidelity Fund Certificates (FCC`s) and our trained professional Brokers with their high integrity and honest values, adhere strictly to all the compliance matters relating to the Estate Agency Affairs Act (EAAA) and Code of Conduct at all times.

No upfront fees will be charged – Sellers only pay us a Brokers commission when a successful deal with a Buyer is concluded.

If you`re considering buying or selling a business, please feel free to make contact for a confidential discussion of your options – GBB is the professional Agency to assist you.