Meet the team

Helmut Bahlmann
Principal/Business Broker

Helmut operates currently as the Principal/Director for Gia Business Brokers in Gauteng. Helmut qualified with a B. Com (Hons.) and MPA-degrees from the University of the Free State.

He has a strong background in management and various financial fields like accounting, budgeting, salaries, financial management systems and has worked in the financial field in the public sector for 25 years where he held several senior financial positions. He was also a part time lecturer for financial/ business subjects for eleven years at two tertiary institutions.

In the corporate sector he worked for 18 years running his own business and also having the opportunity to work as a Financial Consultant for a big auditing firm in Gauteng before joining a local Business Brokerage Agency in 2013.

Helmut gained valuable experience as Business Broker/Franchisee/Principal and decided as from May 2018, with his invaluable financial and business experience background, to established his own Brokerage Agency, namely Gia Business Brokers (GBBSA) . GBBSA are a reliable professional Brokerage Agency with experienced and qualified Brokers serving both Sellers and Buyers in all nine provinces in SA to purchase a business which meet their demands.

He has accumulated a thorough understanding of businesses and business principles which he brings with him as a Principal/Business Broker. His experience renders him capable of providing both Buyers and Sellers with valuable opinion and advice on all aspects of business with a professional service and strives toward building a positive and trustworthy relationships with Sellers and Buyers of businesses.

Helmut is a lateral and balanced thinker which always put a huge emphasis on honesty and integrity which makes him a valuable business associate and friend welcoming you to “create business opportunities” across all business sectors for both Sellers and Buyers in the selling/buying process of businesses in all nine provinces in SA.

Leon Bahlmann
Business Broker

Leon lives in Pretoria and has a keen interest in general affairs ranging from economics to political opinions and history and he enjoys hiking and the occasional weekend mountain biking.

Leon has mostly spent his career in the corporate field holding senior positions before joining a major Business Brokerage Agency in 2009 and is therefore well equipped to apply his qualifications (B.Com and MBA) and business knowledge gained in his current profession by being involved in a variety of businesses throughout his working career. In the process, he has gathered invaluable experience and a thorough understanding in all facets of business management.

Leon is a registered EAAB "Full status Broker" and decided to join forces mid 2018 with the new established Brokerage Agency, Gia Business Brokers (GBBSA), to serve the needs of both Sellers and Buyers in all business sectors in all nine provinces of the country.

Leon is a results-driven, logical and methodical individual in his approach to achieving tasks and objectives. He has an eye for detail, is reliable and dependable with high personal standards.

When working with Leon, you will deal with someone who understands what key dynamics affect businesses with the aim of preparing it for marketing and a successful sale. As a Buyer, you can expect Leon to build a relationship to determine your business interests and needs. Furthermore, he will assist you through the process of making an offer, guidance with the due diligence as well as the handover process.

Selling and buying a business is a serious undertaking requiring sound business practice and a thorough understanding and knowledge of a number of disciplines and as a Business Broker, Call on Leon at Gia Business Brokers to “create business opportunities” and assist/guide you throughout the whole selling & buying process across all business industries in all provinces.